Soy and Menopause

In many Asian countries where soy is a dietary staple, there isn’t even a word for menopause. Women there seem to suffer fewer symptoms—if any at all.

In Western countries, however, it would be difficult to eat enough soy in order to get the same benefits. In fact, you would have to eat one-half pound of tofu everyday in order to get enough soy isoflavones for effective hot flash relief. 

That’s why there are so many soy supplement products being marketed to menopausal women. Supplements make it easier to consistently incorporate soy into today’s busy lifestyles. And consistent consumption of soy isoflavones over a period of time is key to maximizing its benefits.

When choosing soy supplements, it’s important to remember that not just any soy is effective. Only soy isoflavones derived from the whole soybean—not just the soy germ—have an effective amount of genistein in them. And it’s this genistein that can reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes. In fact, a whole soybean contains at least 50% genistein, whereas soy germ typically contains only 20%.

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