Every day, menopausal women are finding that soy supplements can help reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes. Below is a sampling of what real women have to say about products featuring Novasoy:

I had a full hysterectomy two years ago and the hot flashes just started about three months ago. I have never experienced anything so annoying and uncomfortable in my life. I didn't want to take any more medicines so I tried Estroven® Maximum Strength, and by week one they were gone. I have finally slept through the night.
— Bridget
, Baltimore, MD

I started taking Estroven® and it seems to be helping with my hot flashes. 
— Windy R., Winter Park, FL

Since I've been on Estroven® Weight Management, the hot flashes still happen, but not as often.  
— Lisa G., Jeffersonville, OH

I have night sweats every night and I'm tired of it. Estroven® Energy has really helped reduce my hot flashes. 
— Sheri D., Goshen, UT

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